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The State Land Use Commission will meet on March 21 on Maui. The Final Decision and Vote will be made for Kahoma Affordable Housing Project. The Kahoma Affordable Housing Project is a 68-lot; 16.7 acre parcel in Lahaina West Maui.

In December, the commission denied the project’s land use change from agriculture to urban but have sense agreed to reconsider there decision.

State Land Use Commission members ran out of time and didn’t hear closing arguments or vote Thursday in their reconsideration of the proposed Kahoma affordable housing project in West Maui.

Thursday’s hearing was called after the commission was 2 votes shy of an acceptance of the project on Feb. 22 to grant the developer’s request to reconsider the vote on Dec. 5 denying the land use reclassification.

The Kahoma Affordable housing project has the support of the county Department of Planning and the state Office of planning in favor of the project.

Panel members not in favor of the Kahoma Affordable Project came from Lincoln and Routh Bolomet of Oahu. They maintain that the project site should remain an open area, available for agriculture use.

Plans called for selling the homes to families with incomes of up to 160 percent of median income on the 16.7 acre 68-lot parcel.

This community is very much needed in West Maui, FHA guidelines and lending continue to be far and few between leaving affordable housing in West Maui a glimpse of hope.

Will the Kahoma Affordable Housing Project move forward or be rejected…

March 21 on Maui the final decision is in the hands of the Land Use commissions and panel members, the Maui community will wait with thoughts of Hope.

Pono: the hawaiian term for righteousness; to make things right, good.

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  1. Isn’t it funny how the Commission denied the project’s land use because of agriculture? There are no crops that grow there. It is a dust pit after they cut down all the trees and before that it was home to bums. There are more precious land and ag areas that should be preserved and not developed. Not the same decision makers I’m sure, but for this one it would be a better housing development then other places on Maui!

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